Sign Restoration Project 2012

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2/7-9/13: The sign is finished!
12/20-22/12: White letters painted onto sign. Chalk outline to be cleaned after paint dries.
11/15/12: Online plus offline donations total over $5000. Letterer contacted.
10/2/12: Final flats colored, ready for lettering
9/27/12: New bottom finished and attached
9/2/12: Surface blasted and bottom of music note removed due to rust
8/28/12: New inserts received
8/25/12: Neon light bulbs removed, letters traced, sign is ready for blasting and repainting
8/15/12: Indiegogo campaign started
8/6-10/12: Original inserts removed, their design submitted for remaking new and more durable inserts


Sign Restoration Gallery

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Finished Sign Neon Progress Letter Progress

Finished Sign

Neon Progress

Letter Progress

Flat Colors Flat Colors Flat Colors

Letters Painted

Chalk Outline

Flat Colors


Bottom Comparison White Primer Rusted Inside


White Primer

Rusted Inside


Removed Rust After Blasting New Inserts

Rusted Bottom

After Blasting

New Insert Copy


Ready to repaint Tracing letters Removing bulbs

Ready for paint

Letter tracing

Removing glass


Design for inserts The sign now The sign then


Before restoration

Original sign